Tuesday, June 7, 2011

I'm phoning it in this week....

     In life, there are the goals that you set, and then there is the stark reality made up of compromises, and self negotiation.  When you pile your plate up with too many things, it is natural and even expected that something will fall off it.  So, today it's the 24th anniversary of the day I promised to love, honor and cherish my wife, and here at 5:11 in the am, I sit here, without a card or a gift, and worse yet writing a blog.

     I hate this month.  In the first few weeks, we celebrate my birthday, our anniversary, Dan's birthday, Father's day, we run a large charity golf outing, and we plan for graduations.  This year it wasn't busy enough, so we moved the Court of Awards for Boys Scouts to the first weekend in June, instead of it's traditional day in April.  To help prep for all this stuff, we took the weekend before and conducted a flag ceremony for the Veterans on Memorial Day, visited my sister in the hospital and helped move our daughter into her new home.  Did I mention my son's baseball practices, piano lessons, games, and band concerts?  Well, it's only because I made half of them, sufficed to say, it's a busy time for us, so I'm phoning this blog in. 

     I'm not doing research, I'm not searching the internet for the exact picture to make you feel the right emotion, hell I might not edit or spell check this (What? You normally edit and spell check these, you couldn't tell). You are getting what you get, cuz something had to give.  I've got a trip out, starting tomorrow, and I need to finish this to get all the golfers tee times put together for the tournament.  At least then, when they call the house, while I am gone, they can get their times, and I won't have to do it Friday when I am packing up the 100 gift bags.  I need to get to my office by 6 today so I can finish 3 expense reports, before I take off.  More than likely, however, tomorrow night will find me in a hotel, taping receipts to paper and trying to remember who I had dinner with 3 weeks before. Did I tell you I have a new boss at work too? Way to make a great first impression Yarger.

     I probably should have gotten the card on Saturday when I was helping a Scout finish his First Class requirements, or between Saturday and Sunday when I was doing my second cook test on a Texas Beef Brisket, in preparation for my son's graduation party this summer.  Did I mention my wife and I are on the Senior Bash committee too?  I could have skipped the cocktails I had with some friends on Saturday night, but we had been intending on inviting them over for 2 years now, and if it didn't happen then, who knows if it ever would have. 

     I gave you five paragraphs, and that's all you are getting this week.  This is my idea of phoning it in. I'll set this to Auto post tonight, as I have to be up early to head out.  In closing lest you think I am complaining in this blog, I'm truly not.  We find value in all these activities, we go all out, and all in for the important things in our lives, and yes, sometimes that leaves cherishing our relationship at the bottom of the pile.  So be it.  If I picked up on one thing in the 24 years, it's how my wife thinks.  We'll find time in a few weeks to celebrate our wedding anniversary, and it will be done with dinner, and wine, and laughter and cards.  That is, if we BOTH find time to go out and buy them. 


torcon said...

Bill - outstanding post and sincerest congratulations to you both!!! 24 years of marriage is a tremendous accomplishment!

Daphne Mays said...

24 years IS quite an accomplishment. I think I've read enough of your blog to see that you celebrate your marriage more than just one particular day a year which I believe is a big part of what has kept it together that long. I hope that you have another 24 years (or more) together!

Bill said...

Thanks guys. I'm stealing this from my sister or someone, but they say you know you have a good marriage when both partners are convinced they got the better part of the deal. That's us!