Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Some days you can't win for losing

So this blog post is late, but still up on Tuesday, so I haven't missed a week afer all.

The best laid plans of mice andd men oft go awry, or so they say.  That's what happened with  my blog this week too.  I'm out of the country and got up early this am to write a blog, but I counld not get access to my site, no matter what I did.  I changed my password and it didn't work and every time I entered it correctly, it gave me one of those weird word verifications that are almost unreadable.  I kept asking for different ones but the letters ran together so much, I'm not sure I got it right at all.  Here's a few examples of what I saw this am, although these weren't actually mine....

Simple right?

How about this one?

Yeah, thanks that's what I want to see at 4:30 in the am, just to get to my own site.   Last one, I promise.......

So after you see what I dealt with all morning, you'll forgive this short blog, I'm sure.   I am cantankerous enough in these things without writing after these kind of frustrations.  See you next week, if they let me on.

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