Tuesday, July 30, 2013

The old gray hair, it ain't what is used to be...

I had a 30th high school reunion this weekend and like a lot of folks who attended I wanted to look my best at the events, so the thought of coloring my hair came up again, but just as quickly as it came up, it was dismissed. 

     Simply put, the wife is not a fan of my gray hair.  She'll have to explain in her blog why, oh wait, she doesn't write one, so she'll have to comment on this one, but if I had to guess, it has something to 
My classmate Sue at I at a reunion event
do with me looking older, which is exactly why I don't have an issue with it, you see, I am older.  I'm as vain as the next guy (some may say more vain), but I'm as OK with the gray as I am with the natural aging of my face. I don't judge others for coloring their hair or for however they want to present themselves, but for me, I'd rather face the world, gray hairs and all, even if it makes me less attractive to some.  I've certainly received compliments as well on my looks and the word "distinguished" gets thrown around a little, but my wife would probably argue that they are saying "old" in code and I can't really argue the point, but I can express my indifference if they do mean that, because I earned each and every gray hair. 

    Gray hair is caused by epidermal oxidative stress which causes the hair follicles to produce hydrogen peroxide so essentially you gray from the inside out.  I started graying about 10 years ago, it started in my temples and has gradually taken over more of the real estate on my head. 
Char and I last year
I've dyed my hair exactly once, for a series of work videos I did, where I portrayed a superhero.  In the weeks that followed though, each and every time I looked into my shaving mirror, I felt a parody of me was staring back.  It was a little creepy, like the Star Trek episode of "Mirror Mirror" where the crew encounters themselves in an alternate universe.  When it started coming back in, only then did I feel more like myself.  To be clear, however, and for those that know me know only too well, I have no issue with acting younger than my age, just with dying my hair to look younger.  I am consistent in my belief as this relates to the opposite sex too.  I've never included youth in the equation for attractive qualities in women and over the years, I've looked at a lot of women.  A few years ago, for instance, I was awestruck by the beauty of a 55 year old woman that was sitting across a bar from me, so much so, that I had to stop myself
Still young enough to hang with the boy
from inappropriately staring.  She had those classic features like high cheekbones and feathered gray hair, like Farrah Fawcett (look her up kids) and the combination made her absolutely stunning.  There were younger women in the bar that night, but none prettier. 

     I will admit a small vanity as it relates to my graying hair and that is my hatred of the rogue gray hair that refuses to lay down with the rest of them.  It likely has to go with the texture of those hairs but if one does go errant on me and stick straight out, I will pluck it out to set an example to the rest of them.  You'll give me that one without dismissing the rest of my rant, right?   I keep my hair cut short for the same
Reed did all right for himself, gray and all
reason.  I suspect I'd look like a spiky gray Chia Pet if I didn't.  It's more about order than older in this instance.  I'm sure you can think of guys that you find attractive that have some gray hair.  For me, I see myself like a real life Reed Richards (Mr Fantastic to all you non-Marvel comic fans).  I need to close the blog now, but would like to hear your opinions on gray on men, women, or aging in general.  Feel free to comment on the blog or my Facebook page, but please hurry, after all, I'm not getting any younger. 


duane said...

i like my gray hair each one is from the stress my kids have given me

Debbie R said...

I think it can look good on men but I really can't say as I have seen it look good on many women. I don't really think about it as looking old, I just never really cared for the color. However, I think it can depend on the right hairstyle for women to pull it off!