Saturday, July 17, 2010

First Blog - A must read for new followers

Yes, I can spell onion. The Title is self deprecating as I cannot say onion without throwing a G in there. It is also meant to illustrate that the writer of this blog is far from the simple whole, rather, you see a different side of him at each layer, oh and peeling them back can make you cry. Some layers of me that you might recognize...

Father of 3
Boy Scout Leader
Traveling Salesman
Volunteer Fireman
Momma's Boy
Sibling of 11 others
Notorious Flirt
Loyal friend

I am not sure why other's blog, but as I start this I can see it might be therapeutic. On a good day it might be entertaining too. I plan to blog about my travels and the people I meet, my family stories from my youth, my life in a small town, about my friends, about food, about wine, and about current events. So sit back and enjoy if you are so inclined, I'll do the peeling, you can just enjoy the fruits of my labor.



Anonymous said...

This looks great, Dad! You know how I've always loved your stories... begged you to tell them "just one more time" for various audiences. Now they can be shared with the world!!! Love you, what a great idea!

Dan said...

Dad, I've always said that it's a shame you don't share your stories with the world. I'm glad you finally decided to start giving back what the community has given to you, a lot of really funny, enlightening, but mostly life changing stories.

nolan said...

wow all three of us commenting on the same post. I am glad I get to hear the funny stories of you growing up!!!!!

Bill said...

I don't mind at all that my 3 biggest fans are my children. While this blog may be more of a primer on what not to do, I appreciate you all checking it out, especially since you have likely heard these stories before. I hope you know how blessed I feel having such a great, tight, family. Love you.